Incorporation and management of companies

Set-up of corporate structures

Tax consulting & fiscal optimization

Tax compliance (including filing tax returns or tax forms with the tax authorities) and tax procedures

Accounting services

Establishment of financial statements

Management, HR and payroll services

Set-up and administration of trusts, foundations, companies, funds, partnerships

Legal advice and procedures

Representing clients

Escrow services

Nominee services

Acting as Board Members

Acting as bank signatories

Athletes & artists' representation

International relocation

Family maintenance

Inheritance / estate planning

Prenuptial agreements

Last wills or instructions

Life insurance

Private retirement plan

Philantropy (gifts during life time, charity, giving strategy, grant making foundation)

Investment strategy

Asset allocation

Portfolio management

Investment advice

Private equity

Performance measurements

Assets consolidation and reporting

Record keeping

Banking solutions (cost analysis, appropriate bank selection, fee negotiation, mortgages, credit lines, loans, etc.)

Fund raising

Business introductions

Advising on and acquiring crypto-currencies

Advisory and brokerage mandates

Market analysis

Administration and maintenance

Family constitution, council, assembly

Reputation strategy

Assistance to develop:

  • a shared set of family values
  • a formal process for good collective family decision-making
  • a consultative process that includes all family members
  • establishing proper lines of communication

Holiday properties management

Private jet and yacht management

Organizing budgets / payments

Analysing liquidity requirements

Concierge services

Organizing travel and transportation

Organizing all aspects of a family's: physical security, schooling, training and education needs

Domestic staff

Advising on art collections

Providing expert appraisals

Advising on and acquiring luxury goods (specializing in high complication watches and diamonds)

IT advisory and assistance services

Technology support

Remote support

Technology security and protection


Access control


Web site creation

Connected digital packaging

Digital secured payments

Social Networks

Resolving crisis and complex situations

Negotiating international contracts

Organization and management of specialized and dedicated teams

Representing and advising clients

STRATEGIS Capital SA may assist you in defining the STRATEGY to

take into consideration the 7 following groups with different interests


ensure the sustainability of family patrimonies


and adapt to transnational legal needs and regulatory changes